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Bad Bunny: 'I just want the people to understand that you can be Puerto Rican and be a star'

Mr. Nimbus | 06/05/2022

Apple Music’s Ebro Darden travels to Puerto Rico to catch up with global superstar Bad Bunny following the release of his chart-topping new album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’. He tells Ebro that representing Puerto Rico is his proudest achievement, and discusses remaining authentic despite mainstream success. He also says playing Marvel superhero El Muerto is one of the “biggest things” in his life, reveals his favourite song on the project is “Andrea”, discusses releasing the project in Spatial Audio, and more.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music That Representing Puerto Rico Is His Proudest Achievement…
A lot of the biggest artists of Puerto Rico start here in La Perla. I remember my first parties, [the first couple times I sang were] for free here and people going here to see other artists like me. I am still making music from here to the walls. I just really want the people to feel like they are really here on the island, in the Caribbean. The best part of all my achievements is when people say, “Yo, but he’s from Puerto Rico.” I just want the people to understand that you can be Puerto Rican and be a star. I just want people to remember me like just a normal guy…you don’t have to change anything about your culture. You don’t have to change anything about yourself.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music About Sticking To The Same Formula Since Day One & Making Music For Puerto Rico…
It’s that feeling that I can’t describe. The cars passing with my music. That’s the best feeling ever, no matter what. You can be in L.A., or in New York, but in your home is different, especially because I’m still working. I’m still doing music for my people. Now we can say that I’m at my peak, in the best moment of my career. The way that I do music, the way I work, my thing is the same as the beginning. Doing music for my people. I make music from here, for the rest of the world to hear. Always I create my music from here to the world.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music About Playing Marvel Superhero El Muerto…
That’s very important, man. I’m still in shock. No, really is one of the biggest things in my life. I have to make the Latino people proud, the wrestlers, I can’t fail.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music That Music Is Part of His DNA and Soul…
I love music. Since always, since I was a kid, my mum said “he has the music, he has the music inside him”. I don’t remember any moment of my life without music. Because I dream with melodies, I just can’t stop thinking about music. I released the album, ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ was released and the same day I was thinking of something new. Yeah, yes. It’s going to be the **** next. So, it’s part of me. It’s part of my DNA, of my soul.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music How Summer Influenced His New Album and The Features on the Project…
I think “without” a lot of things, can be like a person, can be like, friends, can be like something that you miss a lot about summer. This whole album comes from all my summers. The vibe, the sound, even the featurings. I like every feature because I like the music of that artist. They remind me of very special summer like, Chencho, Rauw, Tony Dice, Bomba Estereo, Buscabulla…Like every of them remind me of summer vibes.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music “Andrea” Is His Favourite Song on the Album…
Andrea. That is my favorite song, I think. Because I think it’s very special. That’s the last song that I wrote for the album. I wrote the song the last day. And what Buscabulla did in the song is incredible. It’s magic.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music About Embracing Nature While Making The Album…
For this album, I was like, I want [nature, I want to feel like I’m at home with my plants], with life. I record this album half in Puerto Rico in front of the beach and from me and with this vibe, then I came here in this room. This is not in the beach. So I said [we have to at least build the ambiance] with the plants, with the flowers, and then I went to Dominican Republic. In Dominican Republic, I made the same vibe, the same ambiance to make me feel like in home.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music About Sequencing The Album and How It Was Inspired By a Day at the Beach…
This is very special for me. The order? The first song set a vibe and then – Después de la Playa. Boom. But if you notice the first part of the album is more hype. It’s more reggaeton. I compare it with when you’re going to the beach. At the beginning, you are chill, then you start with a few drinks, you start to, with the sun, and then at the end with the sunset, everyone’s like calm.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music About The Importance of La Perla in Puerto Rico…
It is a very important place, and especially for the Puerto Rican musician, Puerto Rican artist, the history of this place since has been around way before me, before I was even born. But even today, it’s a very special place in the career of any artist. It’s like a blessing.Yeah it’s like, when you sing here, the ocean, the ocean breeze, it baptizes you, it has the ability to bring you to another level. Singing here makes you a star.

Bad Bunny Tells Apple Music That Listening To His New Album in Spatial Audio Brings Listeners To The Beach…
I just really want the people to feel like they are really here, on the island, in the Caribbean. Because what I am talking about, I’m still making music from here to the world. So, there’s a lot of fans around the world that can’t come… They never visit Puerto Rico or the Caribbean. So even some of them don’t live so close to the beach. So I want people feel close. The whole album, you can use VR… You can feel that you are at the beach with us.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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