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Burna Boy: 'Ed Sheeran is probably the most amazing guy I've met in my life'

Mr. Nimbus | 07/09/2022

Burna Boy joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song “For My Hand” with Ed Sheeran. He tells Apple Music about the origin of the collaboration, Ed Sheeran’s genius, why his new album ‘Love, Damini’ is a birthday gift to himself, working with J Balvin, and more. .

Burna Boy Tells Apple Music About “For My Hand” and Ed Sheeran’s Genius…

Ed is probably the most amazing guy I’ve met in my life, man. He got me because he showed nothing but love from day one. You understand? So it’s something that was really natural, you get me? And it’s one of the ones where it’s just like back to back, you get me? It’s so natural. We made like five songs on the same day. That’s how organic it was. That’s it, man. The guy’s just such a genius, man. He just knows what’s what, and when. This was the last one we did, we started working on and he was like, “Yeah, this is it. This is the one. This is it.” You feel me? At the time I wanted one of… There was another one I thought, “Okay, this could be cool.” You feel me? “This should be the one.” You get me? And then we made this one and then boom, it was just next level.

Burna Boy Tells Apple Music His New Album ‘Love, Damini’ Is a Birthday Gift To Himself…

This is like my birthday gift to me in a way, because there’s no better gift to give myself than something personal. And literally giving a part of myself to the whole world. So it’s really special.

When I’m making a project, I know what the project is. It has to start with, with the name of the project. And then we build… It’s like a movie. If the movie is called Matrix or whatever, you get me? Then in the movie, there should be some matrix things going on and some zeros and ones and some… You can’t have a movie called Matrix and then there’s flowers and what’s the guy? Seth Rogen smoking weed and stuff like that.

Burna Boy Tells Apple Music About Working with J Balvin…

An amazing guy too, man, amazing person. But yeah, kind had that connection. Yeah. Sometimes I’ll shoot him a text, he’ll shoot me a text. You get me? Make sure, you get me? Head is right.You get me. So that’s how it is, man. So I love it at the end of the day. You get me? It’s a global village.

Burna Boy Tells Apple Music About Avoiding Politics…

I’ve turned down things that even greater men than me could not turn down. Because I do not want any involvement in politics and trickery. And I’ve always made my stance clear where all of that is concerned, so as you know, reason for surprise. It’s like drinking water. It’s natural for me. I can only speak for now because I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow as regards to the world, and who may come into the picture. I can’t really say, but I can speak for today. As of today, I don’t believe that there’s anybody that’s qualified enough to play God. It’s not something that I blame anyone for. Because at the end of the day, there is God. So that’s who we should be looking up to. Everything else is going to be flawed. So for me, that’s why I stick to music, and I don’t really… At this point, I feel like I’ve seen all there to see about the realities and everything.

Burna Boy Tells Apple Music About His Philosophy and the Beauty of Planet Earth…

We are all the same yet so different. People don’t understand that’s the beauty of planet earth, man. It’s the diversity and the fact that you can go and explore and find out and learn and implement and all types of… That’s the beauty of the world, man, right down to the beginning of time, from when they discovered boats, that they could go places and find land on boats. You understand? That’s what the world was about. It’s been about.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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