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Flyana Boss: ‘It was a lot of trial and error. We were posting for a really long time and some things didn’t hit’

Mr. Nimbus | 09/27/2023

Viral rap duo Flyana Boss join Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new song “B***h Imma Star”, the origin of the track, touring with Janelle Monáe and what they’ve learned from her, their next new song “Big One” coming later int he week, being best friends in real life, the importance of persistence, and more.

Flyana Boss on New Song “Bitch Imma Star”…

So shout out to our producer, Marky Style. He’s responsible for all of those amazing switches and the beat. We just kind of came up with it together… it was just the three of us in the studio, bar for bar, coming up with silly stuff to say. He made a really bare bones beat to start off. That was super hard. And then we just took it section by section… And then we were like, “We need a switch-up at the end, like a big one,” and then he came up with the slowing down.

Flyana Boss on Touring with Janelle Monáe and What They’ve Learned From Her…

She called us on stage two nights ago. We like to watch her set from time to time and we’re just vibing out, and then she said, “Flyana Boss, get up here.” She always can see us when we’re up there. We make it clear. We’re watching. We’re dancing, singing the song. She was just like, “Get up here.” And we’re like, “Okay, sure.” It’s truly iconic. She’s a real artist. Her artistry is a beautiful thing to witness firsthand and her crew is amazing too, so we understand that that’s a reflection of her….just the way she leads the tour with kindness and compassion, care for everyone on the tour. Her whole team is like that, and this is our first tour, so it’s like the best experience possible. So we’re definitely going to take that with us, of treating people well. You are a reflection of the people around you and making sure that everyone’s locked in and positive and we’re enjoying ourselves so much. This is so much fun.

Flyana Boss on The Next Song They’re Dropping This Friday and Their Forthcoming Christmas Song…

We actually have another song dropping on Friday … called Big One. That one’s just… Wait for it. It’s so good. And then, I mean we made this Christmas song back in… When was that? 2020? So we’re going to promote that starting on the holidays.

Flyana Boss on Being Best Friends in Real Life and Not Taking Themselves Too Seriously…

It’s so much fun. Also, we have each other, so we’re best friends for real in real life. We always make each other laugh. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Even if it’s something crazy going on that’s kind of not good, we’ll just look at each other and laugh…. Or rant to each other. Confide in each other. So it’s a lot of fun.

Flyana Boss on Persistence…

It was a lot of trial and error. We were posting for a really long time and some things didn’t hit. Some things did hit, but we have persistence. We were like, “Something’s got to give, so we’re going to keep going.”

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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