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Fontaines DC: 'The song ‘I Love You’, that's the most ostensibly a love letter to Ireland'

Mr. Nimbus | 02/18/2022

Fontaines D.C. joined Matt Wilkinsonon Apple Music 1 to premiere their brand-new single ‘I Love You’.They reveal how the session being interrupted by a Deliveroo delivery ended up shaping the track, and discuss the meaning behind the song’s title.

Fontaines D.C. Tell Apple Music How A Deliveroo Delivery Shaped Their New Single ‘I Love You’…

Carlos O’Connell: That was a total accident at first … Actually, we started writing that one just before we moved to London. We were just playing the main groove of the verse and singing the melody, blah, blah, blah. And then Tom suddenly dropped his sticks because he got a call from Deliveroo outside the rehearsal room when he just went running out, and then I think he couldn’t find the guy with the food. So it took him ages to come back. But we kept playing without him. Running around and Grian just started … So suddenly there was this super, everything dropped for a second, but the three guitars kept going, and then Grian started building it up just with this rant, with no drums to back it up. And then Tom just suddenly came in and just did his little fill and just started, slowed back into the groove.

Grian Chatten: Yeah. Yeah. I think the most heroic part of that whole story is I’m pretty sure he took a bite first. He got in, realised we were still playing the track, life moves on without him, and he comes in and he has a bite and then he quickly discards it and just does a little fill…That’s a whole section of a tune that’s basically based on his insecurity with his own food delivery.

Fontaines D.C. Tell Apple Music About The Title Of New Track ‘I Love You’…
Grian Chatten: I think the song ‘I Love You’, that’s the most ostensibly a love letter to Ireland, but has in it the arrangement, and like I said, the corruption and the sadness and the grief with the ever changing Dublin and Ireland… It reminds me of Kae Tempest saying, “I trap you. I trap you so much.” It’s the same kind of thing. But I mean, the reason that I wanted to call a track ‘I Love You’ is because it’s the cliché in it I found very attractive. Because it meant there was a lot of work to be done in order to justify such a basic song title. And not have it be a cliché tune.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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