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Kaytranada: ‘I was really determined to make an electronic album with Bubba’

Mr. Nimbus | 08/14/2022

Kaytranada joins Zane Lowe in-studio on Apple Music 1 to discuss his latest release “Twin Flame” with Anderson .Paak. He tells Apple Music about the origin of the track, collaborating with Anderson .Paak, being reached out to by established artists, how he connected with The Weeknd, the status of his next album, being the first Black artist to win a Grammy for Best Dance Album and more.

Kaytranada Tells Apple Music About Making “Twin Flame” with Anderson .Paak…

For me, it’s like the sample. It’s not only just using the sample, which is from Sister Sledge, shouts to Nile Rogers. Having the bass and having that swing, like I studied that from J Dilla. I love to just experiment, instead of just staying in the same four, four thing I’m just usually doing. But that song particularly, it was literally me trying to bring the organic bounce and drums. I was just trying something new at the time when I was making that beat. He’s amazing (Anderson). And it’s easy for him to just skate on a beat like that. It’s like it was meant to be. And that collab happened a long time ago, to be honest. But it’s great that we got it out.

On The Status of His Next Album…

I started working on this album, and then it’s like, there’s a lot of things that just happened that is not really making me complete the whole album. And it’s like, I feel like I’m influenced by what’s happening lately with everybody’s doing house music, and it’s like, now I kind of want to remake the album, because that was not the direction I was going for. You know what I’m saying? So now, it’s like, “What? Wait, what am I going to do now?” Because I did Twin Flame, and everything was related to that sound, like disco samples. I might stick to it, but we’re going to see where it takes me. But I’m really inspired by what’s been happening musically.

On Being The First Black Artist To Win a Grammy For Best Dance Album…

I think I helped because I just really just expressed myself. And I was really determined to make an electronic album with Bubba. And for that to win, it means a lot to me. And I feel like, I hope it opened doors for a lot of Black and people of colour, who just mix electronic music, because it was really predominantly white. So now, it’s like, it’s good to have that diversity of electronic and dance music. I still think it should be both different categories, where it’s like electronic, and then there’s dance music. Because five nominations where both of the genre is not enough, but I think that needs to be a little bit spread out, because there’s a lot more in this space.

On How He Connected With The Weeknd…

I met him like back in ’16, and then I think we didn’t talk for a long time. I mean, we just like lost contact. And then Dawn FM came out, and I was blown away by this album, because I just loved the way he used electronic and dance music all over this album, you know? So I’m just like, “Hey, man. Hey, boy, if you want to remix, man, holla at you boy.” Sometimes when I love an album, I just be like “Y’all want a remix?”That’s happened a lot with me when I’m just like, “Yo. If you want me to remix, let me know.” And he’s like, “Oh, sure.” So, from that point on, I went to LA, did this party. And then he just happened to be there. And he just saw me just getting down, and he was kind of like, “Whoa.” I don’t know. That kind of connected us, because we were… I was mixing, and we were just at this party.

On Being Reached Out To By Established Artists…

It feels good. I love the spotlight. I don’t get reached out as much, I think, as you think. But I think a lot of people love to imitate and, I wouldn’t say imitate, but inspire. I love it, and I love to hear it sometimes.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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