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Lil Durk: 'Every time I touch the mic it’s like… go hard'

Mr. Nimbus | 06/29/2022

Lil Durk joins Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 to preview his Apple Music Live performance in Los Angeles (available to stream tonight, 29th June on Apple Music). He shares what fans can expect from the show, his approach to crafting his live set, and promises “it’s gonna be like an out of body experience.” He also formally confirms that his next release will be an album with Metro Boomin, discusses the origin of his collaboration with Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later”, says he’d be up for another collaborative album with Lil Baby, and more.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About His Apple Music Live Performance (Streaming Tomorrow)…

I’m excited, I ain’t gonna lie… that stage setup’s so crazy. I feel that anything you put your name on you should put your all into. Every time I touch the mic it’s like… go hard. It’s gonna be like an out of body experience. I feel that anything you put your name on, you should put your all into. My fans’ special because they made me who I am. I relate to them, and I got day one fans that know my whole story. So it’s like your real life family. Trying to give something they never had before. I want them to leave with their energy. “I really love him” up on the back.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About Crafting His Live Show…

I’m paying attention to when I make songs, I could perform this with the band, or I could perform this on stage. I never just be I’m just going to rap just to do it. I got to see the vision to it. So anytime I make something, I can tell the drummer, “Hey, when this part come, I want you to just go crazy.” And sometimes you ain’t even got to say a word. You could just stand there and embrace the energy. But it’s still big, though. And you just head down.It just give you a different energy, a different feeling where it’s sometimes you don’t even have to talk when the song stop. They might just be going so crazy, you can just go to the next song.

Lil Durk Confirms His Next Release Will Be A Joint Album With Metro Boomin…

Ebro: I got to ask about the next album even though we just getting a deluxe.
Lil Durk: As far as next album, you done heard something. Nah, it’s really the Metro.
Ebro: We can expect the next Lil Durk project to be the Metro project that we all heard about?
Lil Durk: Guaranteed. If that got leaked, ya’ll have had it. You’re not on the level.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later”…

He just DM’d me one day during COVID, “Man, ooh, the album.” I’m, “You told me the last time.” So I’m, “Yeah, it’s cool. Let’s do it.” Then he sent me snippets of songs. He’s, “This how it’s going to go. I’ll put it together, give me 10 minutes.” I gave him eight bars, sent it back to him. The studio closed, we left. He like, “I need more of this (censored), bro. I need more.” I’m, “It’s over. It’s over. The studios closed.” So I guess he just liked the eight bars, “Man, you can keep it like this.” And we dropped that (censored). Matter of fact, when we were shooting the video, I’m, “Damn, this is it.” I’m, “It’s over.” A lot of people take its effect, get rich, get turned, and just doubt. My goal is do that, okay, bam. I’m going to stay afloat.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With Lil Baby on ’The Voices of the Heroes’ and Says He’s Up For Another Collaborative Album…

Lil Durk: We was vibing so crazy in the studio, we had to. We was just in that zone. He who he is, he turned up and actually can rap. He ended up rapping his ass off, I’m changing my energy. Matter of fact, we both made each other start writing, too. He would come say something, and I was, “Hold on.” I’d say (censored), he’d be, “Hold on.” So that’s like the energy you would want. You would want that energy. We got so many records that we ain’t put on there.
Ebro: So we getting another one?
Lil Durk: I would do another one. Sure.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About His New Deluxe Track “Unhappy Father’s Day”…

What I did was something people scared to do and scared to say where it’s ashamed of myself and just explaining in the music and just telling them I’m sorry. I’m blaming everybody around me, “Why didn’t you set it up for me?” And my boy, took it upon myself to be, “F**k…So that’s one of my favorite songs. Yeah. I ain’t scared of the truth. Some people scared to talk about it.But as soon as you make it, everybody be, “I ain’t going to lie, I can relate.” I know, you just scared to say it. You want to be perfect.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About Wanting To Be a Better Father…

My whole goal is to be a better father, for real. Everybody always got the common story with, “Man, my daddy locked up. We grew up in a house. We all was…” Everybody got the same story. But my story was my daddy didn’t snitch on the biggest gangster in the world. “Larry who?” So he got 26 years for that. So me growing up, my mom and my brother, and them and my… Couldn’t nobody tell me what to do. So I had to choose my road. So me being bad as shit till I just started realizing life. So now when I be in my kids’ life, okay, but I got to do better.But the thing that really got to me was a lot of people around me weren’t telling me, “Hey bro, go get your (censored) kids. You tripping.” I had to sit down and really sit back and be, “I’m tripping. Let me go and do this.” That’s how you know who leaders to me. I ain’t going to sit here and be, “Hey bro, nah, you boge me, bro. Go see your son. Go see your daughter.” So that’s my whole thing. I ain’t perfect. But if I really love you, I’m going to tell you. If I don’t love you, I’m going to tell you.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music What He Would Say To His 2011 Self…

I say nothing. Because I had to go through that to get to this. Back then they want to be on a stage a thousand deep. And for the new people, for the fans… You got to think about it, everybody in the building don’t know you. You looking on stage like, “Which one him?” So I learned just go on it by myself, and embrace the energy and be confident about myself. So everything from 2011, I loved the experience.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music About His Hometown of Chicago…

I think Chicago was missing… And this ain’t no type of shade, but I think Chicago was missing leaders on the music scene. Because we went through it. I wasn’t as big back then as to be the voice. I’ma say it like that. My voice wasn’t big enough back then to be, “I’m going to take you, you, you, you, you. Bring ya’ll out right here. And we fixing do it like this.” It’s the city. So it was kind of hard because I’m trying to do it.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music How a Flat Tire Kept Him From Performing with Jay-Z Early In His Career…

I remember a long time ago, I can’t remember what year it was, Jay-Z came to United Center. And I think he brought Meek with him. And they had called me around the number nine phone, “Come to the United Center, should bring y’all out.” And it was so crazy because he caught a flat with just me and him. He caught a flat tire. We missed it. And I just kept telling him, “Man, everything happen for a reason.” I’m, “Everything happen for a reason.” Both of us was mad because I’m, “Damn, we missed Meek and s**t…It’s confidence. I ain’t want him to lose confidence where it’s we just lost it. We got to keep working.

Lil Durk Tells Apple Music He Hasn’t Made It Yet…

I’m just so focused. Because my goal to be working from 10, 11 years to get here, and somebody be, “Damn, how I feel you make it.” And I be, “I ain’t make it yet.” I evolved. But I ain’t make it yet.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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