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Nines: ‘I’m not a hood G no more’

Mr. Nimbus | 04/28/2023

Apple Music’s Dotty speaks to Nines in a rare interview with the rapper about his new album Crop Circle 2, moving out of the hood, being managed by Jamal Edwards, working with Backroad Gee on his new film and Benny Scars.

Nines on the biggest change he’s made in the past five years…

My lifestyle I guess. I’m not a hood G no more, obviously I’m always a hood G, but my lifestyle’s totally different. Obviously my last song probably don’t reflect it, but I made some of this album before I went to prison. There’s songs on the album where it reflects that my lifestyle’s different, if that makes sense.

Nines on when he realised he was out of the hood…
When I don’t know what’s going on in the hood. I’ll be hearing wild shit and I’m just like, wow. I’m miles from this stuff. To be fair, I’m on ASBO from there. I’m not allowed in the hood. But it’s a good thing and by the time the ASBOs done, what am I doing in the hood anyway? Does that make sense?

Nines on leaving the streets behind…
I’ve left the game man. Obviously I’ll never be able to leave some of my friends and shit, but another thing is, cause I’m on ASBO, there’s a list of 50 people I’m not allowed to be around. I always hear people like, oh you dropped out man or you’ve changed, but I’m not allowed to be around them legally. Skrapz, none of my friends. So it felt a bit weird when I first came home, but now it’s like got to get on with it. I hang out with more corporate people now and my life’s just taking a turn for the better, so it is what it is.

Nines on why he felt like this was the moment to make Crop Circles 2…

To be fair, I always wanted to make a Crop Circle sequel, but last album, I just didn’t think the time was right. I had just got stabbed at the time and I just felt like the hood wasn’t me no more. Hence why I called that one Crabs in a Bucket. I just thought I need to express that. Crop Circle was always the brand and the way I was going. I’m the face of the stoners man.

Nines on Jamal Edwards…

Jamal Edwards was my manager for about three months. My guy man, RIP. He was my manager for about three months. At the time, like I said, I wasn’t a changed man. My choices were just a bit wild and it just weren’t the right time I guess.

Nines on whether he’d ever consider retiring from music…
Of course, that’s the plan. Put it like this. I just don’t want to … I’d rather leave on top than be some of my peers… I won’t say their names… who could have tapped out before it got a bit shaky. I don’t know. I’m blessed that I’m still doing numbers like I used to at this age. We’ll see man. We’ll just see how it goes, I guess. I can’t predict the future, but right now, I’m trying to just get into film.

Nines on directing and acting in a film around album release…

It’s Crop Circle Two. It’s about to be lit. I’ve worked hard on this man. One of the main actors is Backroad Gee and Lippy… they smash it. Other than that couple big young TikTok guys, they’re funny. I’ve gone the comedian route a bit, I should say, but nah, it’s sick.

Nines on whether he listens to others opinions on his music…

I can’t. Prior to ‘Tony Soprano 2’, ‘I See You Shining’ is my highest charting song and all that. My whole hood begged me not to put that out, Skrapz included. They was all like, bro, that’s not your kind of music. I’m like, it’s going to work, trust. If I fuck up, I’d rather fuck up on me than anyone else. I was like, you lot are chatting shit. You lot are making gangster music every day. I want to make something happy. There’s a song with Bad Boy Chiller Crew, that’s not my new album because of the mandem. There’s a song that left my album because of them. It’s a banger. There’s a few people, Benny Scars, I love his opinions. He’s a real one.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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