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Nova Twins: 'We're just open to a lot of different music'

Mr. Nimbus | 03/13/2022

This Saturday on Rocket Hour on Apple Music 1, Elton John is joined by rock duo Nova Twins. He expresses his admiration for the pair, telling them “You’ve become my whole world… I love your records” and compares their sense of style to his own. Plus the band discusses their forthcoming album, musical influences and more.

Elton John Tells Nova Twins: “You’ve Become My Whole World”…

Elton: I Googled you and I watched all the videos and I thought, oh my God, these are unreal. And I didn’t even know you were from England because you sound so American and funky. And then there was a great article on you in The Guardian and it was five days after I first heard of you. And suddenly, you’ve become my whole world. These girls, my God, I love your records. You’re just so good.

Amy Love: We’re speechless that you even want to speak to us!

Elton John: Why not? Your music is so ballsy and out there. And it’s such an amazing sound from two girls

Elton John Compares His Sense Of Style To Nova Twins’…

The way you dress is so great because I love the way people dress and it’s inspirational. What I love about your music, it’s powerful but it’s fun. And the fun comes across in the videos and the music, and the way you dress, I think, adds to that because it did when I started. I couldn’t go on stage in a boiler suit. I just had to do something different just to feel as if I was doing something different and stop being me. I wanted to be someone else. I can’t wait to see you play live. I cannot wait to see you play live because I think that’s the ultimate experience with you guys.

Nova Twins Tell Apple Music About Their Forthcoming Album…
So that’s out in summer, so that’s June 17th, that one comes out. And we’re so excited about it because we kind of wrote it in lockdown and it kind of got us through lockdown at the same time because we were in a weird head space. And then the first song that we wrote in lockdown was ‘Cleopatra’, which is coming out really soon. And I don’t know, it just made everything make sense. And we were separated for the first time in forever.

Nova Twins Tell Apple Music About Their Musical Influences…

Georgia South: I think we had loads of different influences growing up. Me personally, I grew up listening to, from early on, Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway when I was really young because I started on piano because my dad’s a jazz pianist so he taught me loads of Stevie pieces, just to learn things by ear. So I learned like that. And then when I was 13, I was like, “I want to play bass.” And I picked up the bass guitar and I was like, “This is me now. This is my calling,” and I just fell in love with it and just kept growing and adding those pedals to create the sound. But I love listening to N.E.R.D or Timberland’s production on Missy Elliott tunes or Prodigy. So those are a mixture of things. Also, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce was a massive influence on us.

Amy Love: I guess it was just a mix. I grew up in Essex, so I started off listening to garage and pop and Spice Girls. And then I went to London, I went to a music college in London at 16, and then I discovered glam rock and I started listening to people like MC5, New York Dolls. And I discovered Bette Davis obviously, who sadly just passed away. She was a real vocal icon for me just because she was so raw and just upfront with it. And then again, I don’t know, there’s no kind of limits. We just love anything from Kate Bush or Joni Mitchell to obviously you – you’re incredible. There have been so many amazing writers and I mean, somehow it just filters in, doesn’t it, somehow. Even just listening to a song can change the way you feel. So we’re just open to a lot of different music.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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