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Offset: ‘I’m definitely going to be showing way more personality, way more who Offset is’

Mr. Nimbus | 08/11/2023

Offset checks in with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 and confirms that fans can expect a new album in October. He previews the project, says his aim is to show more of himself personally, and that fans can expect a new single in “about three weeks”. He also discusses how he landed Jamie Lee Curtis for his “Jealousy” video, the importance of showmanship and family, showing up for his children, and more.

Offset Tells Apple Music His New Album is Coming in October…

Yeah, we coming in October but right now we just applying pressure. Creatively, content-wise, I’m going to just keep my rollout going. The rollout started from “Jealousy”, so I’m going to just keep the rollout starting from right then. So with this album I’m definitely going to be showing way more personality, way more who Offset is, creatively. Taking to the next level. You know how we come in, Ebro.

Offset Tells Apple Music Fans Can Expect a New Single in About 3 Weeks…

Yes, sir. In about three weeks.

Offset Tells Apple Music How He Landed a Jamie Lee Curtis Cameo in His Music Video for “Jealousy”…

I didn’t know her before we shot but I just simply DMed her about it. I had a great idea about the iconic interview I seen. I been had watched it five years ago. I just felt like it was related to the subject of jealousy. So I just DMed her, bro. And when I DMed her she DMed me right back. And then after that I got her number and she was like, “I got you, I’m going to pull up.” And then she pulled up to the crib in LA. No security, just regular. Came in with her suit and just shot. She the GOAT, so that was nothing for her to just do that. She got it shot in like 10 minutes and then we was done.

Offset Tells Apple Music About His BET Performance, Choreography, and The Importance of Showmanship…

I just feel like with showmanship, especially nowadays, it’s really none. Especially in rap. A lot of these cats, they got great songs and big songs and very successful. But the showmanship and being able to take it there and get outside of the box of doing something you really might not be comfortable with. Because dances for me right now might not be the coolest thing at this age and stuff like that. But I got the talent, so I’m going to do it, just because I can separate myself from the rest of the artists and actually give old show. So I’m standing on showmanship, man. And challenging myself and taking it to the next level for myself, instead of just walking with the mic. Getting paid all that money, walking with the mic back and forth. And standing. That ain’t enough. That ain’t cutting it. That’s why them ticket sales low.

Offset on the Importance of Family and Showing Up For His Children…

Nothing to be in the way of the family. Because, you know, the family is the foundation. And my foundation is my wife and my kids. When the cameras and everything is off, you’re a real person. And your kids expect you to be there to take them to school, your kids expect you to be there for when they got their practices. Family just is… I just don’t ever want to confuse the business with the family because at the end of the day the family is really my support system and what I got. And what I’m going hard for. I don’t really have a lot of outside motivations outside of my family, because I want to make sure we good. I want to make sure I leave a legacy, and then financially my kids will be straight. Because I got five. So I got a lot so I got to work extra hard. And also the hardest thing with being a father and this job is time. You got a lot of time away because you got to go do a show. But we all, I always come back home after things said and done. But I just want to always keep that and push that narrative, man. Black man bro, they always on us. We don’t take care of our kids and we really do. It’s a lot of us that do. It’s a lot of brothers go to work every day, 8, 10 hours to make sure they come back and feed the family. I just always, with my influence and with my platform, I always want to show that because it ain’t shown enough. They just show the bad, like we don’t do that. And there’s a lot of Nlack fathers that take care of their kids and really take care of their household. And then me, I’m like the core of mine. No matter what’s going on, I’m like the go-to guy.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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