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Post Malone: 'I've been out of my bag for a long time'

Mr. Nimbus | 05/13/2022

Post Malone joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song “Cooped Up” feat. Roddy Ricch from his forthcoming album ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ due out next month. He tells Zane about the origin of the song, collaborating with Roddy Ricch, and previews his new album, which he says is the most honest record he’s made.

Post Malone Tells Apple Music About His New Song “Cooped Up” feat. Roddy Ricch…
I’m trying, man. I’m trying. I’ve been out of my bag for a long time, and I’m trying to hop back in there, man. We knew what we wanted to say, and we knew what we wanted to express, not only in a song but in that particular moment on the album. And yeah, it just came super naturally. I couldn’t even tell you. I was probably on the s***ter when I wrote it.

Post Malone Tells Apple Music About featuring Roddy Ricch On The Song…
He’s just such an incredible man and just a natural performer and vocalist and lyricist. And he just gets after it, and it’s so cool. Dude, and just to watch him grow. And he’s such a beautiful, beautiful man. And so talented, man. I’m so pumped.

Post Malone Previews His Forthcoming Album ’Twelve Carat Toothache’ and Says It’s The Most Honest Record He’s Made…
That’s what the whole record is about. It’s the bipolar aspect and the duality of everything. And so, there’s a lot of things very much so on this record that are tongue in cheek. And I think this whole record is the most honest record I’ve made, and I’m so pumped for people to hear it. But every song in there tells a story, so this is kind of like, “Here’s the life that we live, but there’s always something going on in the background.

Post Malone Tells Apple Music About Working with Longtime Producer Louis Bell…
The genius notes are definitely Louis Bell. I think I did a kick drum and a clap, and that’s just about it. Louis Bell is the sweetest dude in the f***ing universe. It’s insane. It’s absolutely insane. And he is the most genius man in the universe too. And it’s super important. And especially times like during the pandemic and everything where it’s like, “Well, what do we do next? What’s next?” But it’s just always right to go back to Lou. He gives a s**t about me, and he cares about me. And it’s the same way with him. And it’s just important. A lot of things take time. So, we don’t want to rush it. And we just want to make it perfect, so I’m so excited.

Post Malone Tells Apple Music About Returning To The Stage…
Quarantine has been just so wacky. It’s just so strange going up in front of people and being able to sing for people again. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. But after a couple songs in, you’re, okay, this is what I’ve been doing. I know how to do this stuff. You know? I know the words to my songs, I think. It’s about gaining that confidence back. And it’s a super scary thing. And at one point I was, “I don’t know how to do this.” And I’m just pumped. I’m pumped for people to hear the new record. I’m pumped to go out and meet fans again. I’m the most excited man in the world, man.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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