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Rex Orange County: 'I just fell in love with music again'

Mr. Nimbus | 03/10/2022

Rex Orange County joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song “OPEN A WINDOW” (feat. Tyler, The Creator). He tells Zane about falling in love with music again after taking a much needed break, his personal growth, advice from Tyler, The Creator, striving to keep the album alive, and more.

Rex Orange County Tells Apple Music About Falling in Love With Music Again After Taking A Break…
I was looking after myself, honestly, but it was worth it. I wouldn’t be able to come give you anything if I didn’t take some time for myself. It’s been a little minute, but I am so happy, I can’t even tell you. I feel great. I feel healthy. I feel ready. Honestly, I sat on this music for a little while and so I’m kind of since, making it, have been even more driven. I’m in the studio now just wanting to keep going and switching it up. Yeah, I feel I just fell in love with music again, after a low period of not feeling so great. I’m really glad where I’m at.

Rex Orange County Tells Apple Music About His Personal Growth…
I suppose I spent a long, long time thinking about what people thought, and used a lot of my time worrying a lot about things either that had happened and were gone, or things that were coming up that I can’t control. I had built up for a long time when I was struggling to be present, or be grateful for anything. The biggest shift was just stopping caring so much about everything that is outside of me that I can’t control. I started just having to accept all the things I can’t change, and the things about myself that I didn’t like just being like, “You know what? This is me. There are certain things I can change, certain things I can’t.” Just actually having some time away to do that off the internet, off the note, not social… Even though there was social connection, I still had people in my life that mattered to me, but I just couldn’t be listening, or looking, or being. I just needed to be stripped back to just nothing. I really didn’t have a phone, taking the time was a big part of it, honestly.

Rex Orange County Tells Apple Music About Advice From Tyler, The Creator and Keeping The Album Alive…
I’d say more than anything, the psychology is more something to comment on. We spoke on the phone a little bit when he released ‘Igor’. I was kind of really worrying a lot about going back to like I said, thinking about releasing this thing, and it was ‘Pony’ my last album. He just told me like, “The thing is man, there’s nothing, there’s no such thing as good or bad. It’s just either for you or not. So I heard something the other day, it wasn’t me but I knew as a 12 year old kid in Atlanta whos going to hear that, and it’s going to be the same way. He’s going to feel the same way I felt when I heard ‘Songs in the Key of Life’, for the first time.” I was like, “Damn. You can’t dismiss anything as bad.” I was kind of walking around being like, “But this album it’s terrible.”He’s just like, “Bro, just chill. Stop worrying about what people are going to think.” He’s very carefree but at the same time, he really, really does care about the long full album. This is the other thing we spoke about recently. He was like, “We got to keep the LP alive. We’ve got to keep albums going.” That’s why it’s important that I, and he, and everybody just needs to keep making albums. Because it’s a lot of stuff that is working right now, is 10 seconds long, or like a hook, or it’s just the little part of the song. It doesn’t necessarily matter who it’s by, what the album was, this, that, and the other. The attention span’s going down and down, and we’re going to try to keep it alive with double albums.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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