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The Chainsmokers: 'I like when people reimagine our music for their own purposes'

Mr. Nimbus | 03/02/2022

Last night on Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery, we caught up with Drew Taggart from The Chainsmokers to talk about their new music. Drew reveals he once caught a group of guys pretending to be the Chainsmokers to pick up girls and talks about Kanye West sampling their song ‘New York City’ on his track ‘City Of Gods’.


SMALLZY Okay, because having known you boys for so long, I always knew what The Chainsmokers look like. I was absolutely not one of these people who was like I don’t know who Drew and Alex are.

DREW Didn’t you make me like wax my nipples or Alex’s nipples the first day we met? Damn you could really get us to do anything back then.

SMALLZY This was before you were owning acres of land close to downtown. But then you did this wicked campaign where you literally put people who, because the idea was that no one really knows what you guys look like and that you interchange randos for The Chainsmokers. Have you found people fell for that did don’t know who what you look like and thought they were talking to somebody who wasn’t The Chainsmokers?

DREW I was leaving Hyde which is like a wild club on Sunset you know a couple years ago and I remember overhearing this group of guys like convincing this whole this group of girls that they were us and we like walk past neither none of them even notice them. I mean, I don’t even know what the fate of that night was for them. But I mean, I witnessed it.


SMALLZY Not only have you boys been working on your own music? The new album is coming out but Kanye West just sampled you too in the song ‘City of Gods’. How did that even happen? I feel like no one knows what Kanye does until he does it.

DREW Yeah, we had heard like a few months ago that he had taken our song New York City. And like sampled it for like the hook to… and this is a song from way even before our first album was on one of our EPs. And he had like use that and then they created a beat over it and and, and he was on it. And then literally a couple of weeks ago they’re like yeah, so you know, that’s gonna have Alicia Keys and Kanye West on it. Which was a huge surprise to us and obviously when you hear those things too you never know if they’re gonna like come out or not and you know, we’ve had like beats that we’ve made that you know, Drake we’ve heard that Drake was was getting on and just like she tried to really like get like your your hopes up or whatever. But you know, when the song actually came out, and we saw them shooting the music video, it got pretty real and just like a cool like, I love that music is in like a phase where people can just like come from completely different scenes and genres can just take stuff and remake it and I’m not precious with with any of our stuff. So I like when people reimagine it for their own purposes.

SMALLZY Yeah, nice. All right, so when album drops and the people have heard it around the world, are you boys planning on shows? Are you back doing gigs in Vegas? Where are you guys that because I know like everything in Australia are starting to open back up finally. And the world is going to a somewhat back to normal.

DREW Yeah, that’s great about Australia. I mean, we really we’ve had such a great fan base down there. And we’ve got so many amazing, amazing shows. I hope that that’s something that maybe happens like I guess this time next year for you guys probably I don’t know what the next piece isn’t as but I mean, we’re just I think everybody like every artist is like we want to go wherever we can go.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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