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Tom Grennan: 'I’ve got a fiancée now'

Mr. Nimbus | 05/03/2022

This morning on Fitzy & Wippa, we chat with musician Tom Grennan in-studio ahead of his Australian tour later this year. The recently engaged singer talks about how he proposed to his girlfriend just four days ago and why he was given the nickname ‘Toad’. Plus he recounts the story of how he got assaulted and mugged in New York.


WIPPA And what about now, you’ve got a girlfriend at the moment?

TOM I’ve got a fiancée now.

WIPPA When did you propose?

TOM Like four days ago.

WIPPA Wow, where were you?


WIPPA How did you do it?

TOM On top of a canyon, one of those big mountains.

SARAH MCGILVRAY Did you get down on one knee?

TOM I did, I did the old romantic one.

FITZY Did you pick the ring yourself?

TOM Yeah I did it all myself.

WIPPA Did you ask her parents?

TOM Yeah, I did the old school one.

WIPPA How did that chat go?

TOM How did they take it? Buzzing, they’ve got a popstar for a son in law.


FITZY Now we would call him Tommy last time and it was funny because we found out that you don’t have a nickname never grew up with a nickname. So I grew up on that believable but there was another Tommy in your class. Yeah. So you were never called Tommy?

TOM He was Tommy I was. I drew the short straw or he did. I’m not too sure.

WIPPA I mean, just saying that remind me is you wanted to write a song that reminds you of a moment in your life. Yeah. Is this something about finishing school? Is there a song in it about never having a nickname?

FITZY Did you get into trouble for something Tommy?

TOM I got in trouble a few times. Yeah. And I didn’t want to tell you this. But I did have a nickname that stuck around for like maybe a year or two, it was called Toad. Now you let your imagination run wild, because where he’s going, is that’s where it’s going.

FITZY You kissed a toad?

TOM No, no no. I don’t know if I should tell you on air.

SARAH Is it about a physical thing, to do with you?

TOM It’s a physical thing… Maybe, that’s why they call me toad. Not a great one.

FITZY So then it just petered out?

TOM Thankfully yeah it just fizzled out.

WIPPA You know. That’s not fair, though. Tommy, like, were you happy with the nickname or were you like guys ease up on the toad gear?

TOM No it’s a pretty legendary like, thing that happened to be called toad. But now I’m older I’m glad it didn’t stick about.


FITZY This is unbelievable. Because the last time we spoke we spoke to you about this. You were discovered really drunk at a party and you were you sang a song by The Kooks who were inspiration for you as well and then someone picked you up from there. How long ago was that? What’s the timeframe Tommy for you to be here now?

TOM So the karaoke party happened when I was 17, 18. And then like me actually getting spotted and working on my own music happened when I was at 21, So I’m rubbish at maths but 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

SARAH You’re counting on your fingers.

FITZY and now you’re traveling the world you just been to LA, you know what I feel like Tommy you would love Australia, this place is for you.

TOM I already love it, 100%.

FITZY What has your first impressions been since you’ve landed?

TOM to be honest with you haven’t really seen much because I’m in and out of different buildings but I’m glad the sun shining, you know what I mean, and I went to Bondi yesterday and being able to be in the city and then onto a beautiful beach and 15 minutes you gotta live in the life.

FITZY and Tommy coming back in September as well, playing the factory theater, so we get to see you live.

TOM Yeah, buzzing yeah.

FITZY So then are you starting to tour around the world? Is this the thing you’re promoting all the tours?

TOM Yeah I did the tour of America and then obviously came here and then going home. And I’ve got a few shows, festivals. And I’ve got a hometown show where I’m from in Bedford, which is going to be a big celebration, and then coming back out here. So it’s going to just be constantly touring and different places.

FITZY When I look at him and your feet are still grounded mate, you come into the studio here and you’re like, I can’t believe that I’m here. I’m traveling the world doing what I love.

TOM It’s amazing yeah.

FITZY How long will it be before you become this Hollywood star?

TOM You know what, never never. Like, even if I’m even if I am that, I know where I’ve come from. And my mum and dad would slap me silly if I have ever tried thinking that.

FITZY What about when you get a phone call from Elton John, and says I love your music?

TOM It was wicked. It was pretty surreal. And I’m a massive Elton John fan. But he’s like the guru and yeah, tell he gave me some good advice. And I definitely listened and here we are today.


FITZY Tom tell me you just had a scary experience over in New York, where you are on the streets someone’s just hit you from behind and robbed you on the street knocked you out?

TOM Yeah it was… literally I was just chilling, having a drink and all of a sudden I was on the floor knocked out… from behind and knocked me out and then realize that what has just happened and then I kind of ran off and then all I hear was like the words “Hey, man, I’ll shoot you up” And I was like, not in London now. I had to just get on with it. But I’ve ruptured my eardrum. The show must go on. I’m never gonna let anybody disrail me from my positiveness. And listen, I’m living the dream, man. Yeah, I mean, and I’m in Australia now.

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Written by Mr. Nimbus

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